Lateral Thinking

These days to sell more and to be successful in business we need to be good, really good, at what we are doing and at what and how we are selling our products.

Sales, Marketing and Body Language are not just important, they are essential skills for our success but for us to have an extra edge we should add lateral thinking that will allow us to solve problems through an indirect and creative approach. By using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and by involving ideas that may not be obtainable by traditional step-by-step logic only, a person will be more easily able to be successful.

Lateral thinking is not an attack on vertical thinking, but a method of making it more effective by adding creativity (Edward deBono).

Lateral thinking can also be simplified in these terms:

  • Creating new patterns.
  • Challenging old patterns.
  • Liberating or disrupting old patterns in order to allow imprisoned information to come together in a new way.
  • Provocative and permissive patterns that will put information together in new ways, allowing unjustified arrangements of information.

Lateral thinking is more useful on long term dealings and those business exchanges that may require high volume or high value selling.