How do the majority of the public correlate the skills of Marketing and the science of Psychology?

Even with extensive research over the Internet on the two combined subjects, there is little of relevance to be found and I can confidently say that what we offer is certainly unique.

Searching the Internet, the combination of Psychology and Marketing has brought up these titles:

  • Psychology of Marketing
  • Psychology of colours
  • Psychological Marketing Business Tactics
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Society for consumer Psychology
  • The effects of using Psychology in Marketing

and a few others.

Should anyone wish for some interesting introductory reading, these books can be recommended:

  1. Consumer Psychology for Marketing, by Gordon Foxall, Ronald E. Goldsmith and Stephen Brown ( 25 Jun 1998 ).
  2. The Psychology of Marketing, by Gerhard Raab, G. Jason Goddard, Riad A. Ajami and Alexander Unger ( 1 Oct 2010 ).
  3. Handbook of Consumer Psychology (Marketing and Consumer Psychology Series), by Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Paul M. Herr and Frank R. Kardes ( 25 Apr 2008 ).
  4. Marketing Psychology: The Paradigm in the Wings, by Gordon R. Foxall ( 15 Sep 1997 ).

Those readers that have an eye for detail will notice that most of the above books are still in their “teenage” years. Is thus the combination of Psychology and Marketing a new field?

The answer is no but although the correlation of the two has long been found, the actual pairing is seldom used. We should look at names like Gustave Le Bon (his theories of national traits, racial superiority, herd behaviour and crowd psychology, 1894), Wilfred Batten Lewis Trotter (Trotter's writings about the herd mentality, published in 1908) and Edward Louis Bernays (pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda – also most famous for the women's cigarette smoking campaign of the 1920s). Bernays is recognised as the originator of modern public relations and was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine (Ewen, Stuart, 1996).

Also interesting fields that border Marketing and Psychology can be found in Socionics and NLP. We feel that these two subjects put together make a lot more sense and provide simple and logical answers that will enhance any company understanding of their clientele and target market(s).

Our aim may point, in some cases, to the obvious but even the obvious can allow you to take a lot less time to reach your optimum performance.

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