Do all magazine covers look the same to you?

Magazine Covers

It actually takes a team of editors and photographers to agree on the format and layout of every single front page.

There are often hundreds of magazines on the newsagent’s shelves there are always one or two that attract your attention more than the others. It might be that certain magazines appeal to your personal interests but the photographs and titles of certain magazines bypass your preferences and make you curious enough to wonder what the story is all about – even if you had no interest in it right up to the moment you saw the magazine.

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We often buy a magazine by its title, only to find out that the article, in fact, has little in common with what designers were trying to characterize.


The same applies to websites and web design. Your website is the cover page to your business. The first impressions given by your design should captivate as many customers as possible. You should aim to lure them inside to view your many hidden pages – that front page should tickle their curiosity.

Colour testing was invented by psychologist Max Lüscher in 1972.  Customers generally make an initial judgment on a product within 90 seconds of interaction with that product and about 62%-90% of that judgment is based on colour, [Singh, Satyendra (2006)].

An attractive, interesting and commercial design of a website will make it stand out against the competition. Design (appeal) and SEO (search engine optimisation) are the two major concerns for any individual  to ensure that, when their website goes live, they have an outstanding presentation that will be viewed by as many people as possible. This is what it is all about – reaching as many customers as you can.

There are good and bad websites out there. I think we all know which ones look poorly made.

Below there is a list of websites that we have designed. Of course, each design will appeal more to one person than another and not every website will appeal to 100% of the public.

Provide us with the texts and even the images if you like - then leave the rest to us.

For four static pages our prices start from £169*.

Just tell us what you are looking for and to which kind of clientele you would like to appeal to and we will have a website ready for you within 20 days!

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