Body Language

Body language, also known as non-verbal communication, consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. This non verbal communication goes on around us every day, all the time and with everyone. Such signals are almost always entirely acted and interpreted subconsciously.

Non-verbal communication is an extremely powerful tool, almost an art. Knowing it and using it can allow us to outrun competition, can close important contracts faster, can minimize losses and it can allow us to make fewer mistakes with our clients and customers.

Some of us have a better understanding of body language than others, but this is mostly instinctively.

Consciously learning and understanding body language can provide clues as to the attitude and state of mind of a person and provide us with the means to stir that person’s emotions were we want them to go. The list of emotions, to mention a few,  can include: aggression, relief, shame attentiveness, pleasure, intoxication, amusement, contempt, embarrassment, excitement, guilt, pride in achievement,  satisfaction and sensory pleasure.

Ignoring body language (non-verbal communication - silent command) can result in loss of customers, mis-understandings, loss of sales and could raise costs, liabilities and expenses.

In any business body language awareness should go hand-in-hand with sales and marketing.