max procacciniFor over thirty years I have applied psychology to Sales and Marketing, carrying the skills across different industries.

When I started my career I soon realised that the most important aspect of Sales was the human approach. Whether we are going to sell ice to Eskimos or sand in the Sahara, we have to be able to come across to our buyer on their personal level. Our charisma and capacity to apply common sense will be the key to our success in any dealing.

Most of us, will unconsciously, use charisma. Think about the hair dresser that will try to understand from the customer’s words what they really want, or the estate agent or car salesman that will try to match the customer’s requirements with the product that they have or want to sell. Rarely these traders are psychologists, however, It is in their interest to understand the mind and behaviour of their customers and to apply psychology to their trading.

It is very important to understand that most sales people, CEOs and managers have certain innate abilities and skills. A psychologist could be highly academically qualified but that doesn’t mean that they can become a top salesperson. Those sales people, CEOs and managers that already have the qualities required will only benefit from fine tuning their skills and acquiring an edge over their competitors.

Our working skills may also have solid roots but it is easy to take on board bad habits or forget why we are where we are. It is even easier to become complacent and stop learning and evolving professionally.

This is where my skills will come to your use and become your tools.

I have developed my personal and unique approach to train your mind to see the everyday work and life situations from a conscious perspective, to place you in the best possible position to achieve your goals. I focus on each individual's potential and their personal professional growth.

I train you to understand how your customers formulate their decisions, especially how to read their non verbal language and how to influence their decisions with your own non-verbal cues, your own silent command.

Psychology is both an applied and an academic science that studies the human mind and behaviour.